Park & Live, lots of new
services dedicated to mobility

Park & Live offers proximity solutions meeting the scheduling and geographical constraints of the residents of urban and peri-urban areas. Designed to be the nerve center of the city or village, this multi-service kiosk also aims at promoting community interaction or fostering sustainable mobility.




A natural extension of businesses, Park & Collect allows users to pick up their orders outside of regular city business hours in automated and secure compartments controlled by the multi-service kiosk. In the near future, these compartments may offer solutions for fresh food.
Bookstore, grocery, dry cleaner, etc.
These flexible and secure systems can be adapted to any type of business activity. Devices with deposit/withdrawal compartments could also be accessible in particular delivery locations to reduce the associated travel time and pollution.





Offering  Smart City solutions is also thinking about the users and their quality of live. With the integration of multi-sensor kit on existing parking meters, noise and pollution can now be considered in real time and objectively at ear and respiratory tract level. The ultra-accurate data collected then become an powerful and essential tool for authorities to adapt their environmental policy and / or assist in the management of emergency situations.




Despite the development of public transports, the majority of journeys are made by car. Car sharing has increased for long travels in recent years. Park & Ride is a carpool solution ensuring an instant connection between people looking for an immediate start to a short distance destination  with drivers on the way to that destination.







Parkeon StradaPal pay stations can also offer an innovative solution incorporating modules for urban bike sharing. This service can be offered with or without subscription.





The flexibility and the modularity of the kiosk makes it possible to integrate other services, such as automated gas cylinder distribution. Users have the possibility of buying gas cylinders 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Thanks to an automated distribution system connected to a Parkeon terminal, users can easily and quickly select their cylinder (deposit + loading or reloading) and pay for their purchase at the multi-service kiosk. At the end of the transaction, the compartment containing the selected cylinder opens. The customer can then remove the cylinder and, as the case may be, deposit the empty cylinder. This solution was developed in partnership with Totalgaz.









A leader in responsible mobility, Parkeon is involved in electro-mobility. As part of Park & Charge solutions, Parkeon pay stations can manage electric vehicle charging points for private or business customers. These pay stations can also be installed next to on-street delivery parking spaces to optimize parking on dedicated spaces and to promote the use of green vehicles.

Note:  Deliveries to city centers represent 20% of road traffic and 38% of emissions.

How does it work?

After confirming their identity with the Parkeon multi-service kiosk, users can, at any hour of the day or night, easily collect orders placed with local businesses by telephone or over the Internet or even parcels that would otherwise be picked up at a collection point. Users can also pick up or exchange gas cylinders, borrow a bicycle from a bicycle sharing service or recharge an electric vehicles.

Other services are possible, such as access to a terminal with city news. In the short term, Parkeon plans to install noise and pollution sensors on its StradaPal pay stations. Connected to the Parkeon Back Office, these sensors will provide cities and police departments with reliable data for managing noise and pollution problems in cities.